Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My name is Barry and last year for Halloween, I went to a costume party with my ex-girlfriend Sara. Sara said that she would take care of my costume so I agreed. That was a mistake. On the day of the party, I went over to Sara's place and she and her roommate Brittany showed me my costume. They had decided that I would be dressed as a cheerleader. The cheerleading uniform that they had for me had a very short skirt. At first, I told that I wouldn't go as a cheerleader...but Sara and Brittany talked me into it. Then...Sara pulls out a pair of underwear and tells me that she bought a panty for me to wear under my cheerleading skirt. The panty was a string-bikini panty. I could not believe it! Sara said that she would have gotten me a brief but she could only find a panty in the color to match the cheerleading uniform in the string-bikini style. Sara and Brittany (again) convinced me to wear it. We left for the party and by the time we got there and in the house, I discovered that this string-bikini panty would quickly "ride-up" on my tushie and get pretty cheeky. Sara had signed me up to participate in the 'bobbing for apples' game at the party. I went over to the tub with water and bent over to try and get an apple. I heard lots of laughing and figured that people were laughing because I was having trouble getting an apple. After about two minutes, I finally got an apple. As I stood up, Brittany yelled out, "oooh baby - love those cute little panties!" I suddenly realized that by bending over in the short skirt...I had given everyone behind me a free panty show. Then I remembered that the panties were showing plenty of cheek and I was totally mortified. I just stood there blushing for a second while the room erupted with laughter. I started laughing and ran out of the room completely embarrassed. The make it worse, lots of pictures were taken of the whole thing. It was and is sooooo embarrassing! YIKES!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was happily hanging out with my boyfriend on our 7months anniversary. We we're reading postsecret together when I stood up to get a pepsi. He looked at me and laughed pointing to the blood stain on his pants and my butt.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My now bf was at my house and my family was being insanely protective and stalker, which was horrifying. Then, when he was leaving, we pulled the "Oh I left something for you in my car. You should come out with me and get it" trick (fooling no one!). We went outside and talked for half an hour. This was in February, so there was still some ice out, so when he went to kiss me good night (my first kiss), i stepped forward and slipped on some ice, falling on the muddy ground, and sliding under his car. He laughed at me. That's my sweetheart asshole. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I was standing outside a mall with my friend Jack waiting to be picked up. We were carelessly throwing a waterbottle back and forth to each other, when suddenly he dropped it and it exploded. Not thinking, I yelled 'Jack, your water broke!' and everyone turned to look at me and him.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few of us had gathered at a friends house for a movie night, during the movie me and my friend Jade got bored and desided to draw on each others faces with marker pens, she gave me a mono brow, a moustach and a penis drawn on my cheek, and I gave her a moustach and some spots. We soon became bored, and carried on watching the movie, until about 20 minutes later when the doorbell rang,I offered to get the door, I opened the door to see my friends fit mate at the door, he looked at me weirdly, and then asked if chris was in, I let him in, and as i walked past the mirror in the hallway I looked in too see my moustach monobrow, and penis cheek.

Words cannot describe the shame!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My friend and I decided to play minature golf at our Junior after prom, and she was bugging me about going slow and told me to hurry up. So I tried to "hurry up". I hit the ball off the entire green, it hit the fence, rolled down the side, and ended up splashing into the fountain. I decided to try and get my ball back. So I started to walk towards the steps to the foutain and I tripped and fell flat on my face!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a writer, and I was working on an unbelievably tight deadline ... putting together a press kit for a guy running for a political office. I had a typo in his bio that actually went to print. It not only went to print ... it went to the press conference. I erroneously typed in that he majored in "pubic" relations, rather than "public" relations. Although, from what you read and hear these days, one would guess that "pubic" relations is a prerequisite course for majoring in political science!