Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My name is Barry and last year for Halloween, I went to a costume party with my ex-girlfriend Sara. Sara said that she would take care of my costume so I agreed. That was a mistake. On the day of the party, I went over to Sara's place and she and her roommate Brittany showed me my costume. They had decided that I would be dressed as a cheerleader. The cheerleading uniform that they had for me had a very short skirt. At first, I told that I wouldn't go as a cheerleader...but Sara and Brittany talked me into it. Then...Sara pulls out a pair of underwear and tells me that she bought a panty for me to wear under my cheerleading skirt. The panty was a string-bikini panty. I could not believe it! Sara said that she would have gotten me a brief but she could only find a panty in the color to match the cheerleading uniform in the string-bikini style. Sara and Brittany (again) convinced me to wear it. We left for the party and by the time we got there and in the house, I discovered that this string-bikini panty would quickly "ride-up" on my tushie and get pretty cheeky. Sara had signed me up to participate in the 'bobbing for apples' game at the party. I went over to the tub with water and bent over to try and get an apple. I heard lots of laughing and figured that people were laughing because I was having trouble getting an apple. After about two minutes, I finally got an apple. As I stood up, Brittany yelled out, "oooh baby - love those cute little panties!" I suddenly realized that by bending over in the short skirt...I had given everyone behind me a free panty show. Then I remembered that the panties were showing plenty of cheek and I was totally mortified. I just stood there blushing for a second while the room erupted with laughter. I started laughing and ran out of the room completely embarrassed. The make it worse, lots of pictures were taken of the whole thing. It was and is sooooo embarrassing! YIKES!


Anonymous said...

Today, I went to the clothing store with my boyfriend who I have been seeing for 1 week. We finally had our first kiss together and I couldn't resist but to lean in again and again. When we had finally finished I turned around, only to see my French teacher standing there staring at us, I have her for French tomorrow! FML!!

Anonymous said...

In the university paper, there's been stories of a male subject loitering on campus. I was up late in the music building, and entered a dark room. On the couch was a man matching that description. I got scared and called the university police to check it out. It was a member of the custodial staff. SO EMBARRASSED!!!!